Preachers Meetings

Each month from September through May preachers from the Four Corners area gather in Durango for Bible study and fellowship. The meetings begin at 10:00 a.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. Each meeting begins with a period of fellowship, including an ample provision of coffee and doughnuts. Following a period of prayer, one of the area preachers presents a lesson from the Word of God.
During the 2008 through 2009 season, the preachers worked through the theme: "The Restoration Principle." In 2011 the men worked through 1 and 2 Timothy with each preacher analyzing a chapter. Often, outlines are made available to the other preachers.

Following the Bible study, the preachers enjoy a "dutch treat" lunch at one of the local restaurants. The preachers meeting is open to any intersted indvidual and is usually attended by others who have a desire for Bible study and good Christian fellowship. Anyone is welcome to come!
Holiday Dinners

For several years, one of the Christian families at Durango has hosted a holiday dinner for area preachers and their families in December. This is a joyous and fun-filled occasion. A catered dinner is provided and some group activities round out the evening.
2006 Holiday Dinner
2010 Preachers Holiday Dinner
2011 Holiday Preachers Dinner

Hosting 2011 Dinner

Ken & Corki Willyard and Jack Kays